The Three “T’s” Series: Toxins

Continuing from last week’s talk, we’re going to address: TOXINS! When people hear the word “toxin”, I’m sure that conjures up a lot of ominous thoughts about poison or illness: but it can be anything really that isn’t intended to be consumed or something that taxes our body to digest (think: alcohol, food allergies, etc).Continue reading “The Three “T’s” Series: Toxins”

Recap: Nutrition For Immunity

If you didn’t get a chance to watch our most recent video, here’s your chance now! (We promise, it’s much shorter than 30 minutes): As mentioned in the video, we wanted to include the RDA’s for the specific micro-nutrients and vitamins mentioned during the video: Micro-Nutrients & Vitamins RDA Copper 900 ug/d * Folic AcidContinue reading “Recap: Nutrition For Immunity”


This week’s tip is all about: Sitting! Honestly, this is probably a huge topic that deserves more than one post for attention, but let’s make it relevant to today. With the current pandemic, we’ve spent a LOT more time at home. We have had to learn to work from home, exercise at home, and ofContinue reading “Sitting”