The Three “T’s” Series: Trauma

For the next few weeks, our “Talk the Tic” series will discuss a philosophy near and dear to many chiropractors. We call it the 3 T’s. Next time you’re at a chiropractor’s office and they adjust you, you may think:

“What caused this?”

Well, after the next couple of weeks, you may be able to answer that yourself!

We obviously don’t live in a vacuum and we encounter many obstacles every day. Sometimes, these obstacles can cause trauma to our bodies.

They can be as dramatic as falling down and breaking your arm:

Batman Begins(C)

Or taking one hits too many in your most recent light saber battle:

Star Wars (C), Lucasfilm LTD, Disney (C)

But whether you’re training to be a Jedi, Batman, or just juggle the demands of daily life, we put a lot of stress on our bodies and that can cause trauma.

As you may have learned from our Thursday posts the past couple of weeks (Upper Cross Syndrome and Lower Cross Syndrome), even things like looking down at your phone for extended period of times or sitting for long period of times cause trauma to the body. When this happens, we have to adapt.

Our body is super smart in that it tries to work with us, so if we look down at our phones all day, every day, our body starts to move the muscles, ligaments and bony structures down so that its easier to look at our phone. The problem is that this isn’t our bodies natural position, so we become prone to headaches, lowback pain, etc.

Enter…the chiropractor!

A chiropractor can’t adjust away a broken bone, or lightsaber burns; but then can adjust your spine, and (pretty much) any joint in the body. Why is this important? When we are adjusted, we are able to have a stronger neural connection between our brain and the rest of the body. The brain is able to communicate with the body and the body is able to communicate with the brain. We will go over the power of adjustments and the more recent research and science behind it in a future post!

For now just know that there are micro trauma and bigger traumas; and that when you are visiting your chiropractor and receiving and adjustment, they are helping your body to adjust and handle the demands of your daily life!

Besides…we’re pretty sure Batman uses a chiropractor. No billionaire vigilante can operate effectively with out a fully functioning nervous system.

Until next time….Live Long and Propser!

The Nerd Chiropractor

Disclaimer: The Nerd Chiropractor does not own the rights to Batman, Star Wars, Lucasfilm LTD, or Disney. All rights reserved.

Published by Dr. David, D.C.

Dr. David, DC, is a Nerd, a Chiropractor, a Father, and a Husband. He loves what he does and wants to share what he's learned in school over the past 8 years to empower all the other nerds, geeks, and gamers (and everyone in between) that not only is being health accessible, but it can be fun as well. Along the way he hopes to dispel rumors about Chiropractic, educate the public about nutrition, and make the readers their own Wellness Advocates.

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