This week’s tip is all about: Sitting!

Honestly, this is probably a huge topic that deserves more than one post for attention, but let’s make it relevant to today.

With the current pandemic, we’ve spent a LOT more time at home. We have had to learn to work from home, exercise at home, and of course do all our other fun activities we used to do like sitting and binge watching The Masked Singer! (Go Turtle!!!)

Some people cite that “sitting is the new smoking.” But what does that really mean? It’s a cliche and it definitely grabs your attention! While sitting has earned a bad rep, it’s really the CONSTANT sitting that is hurting us. Constant sitting has been linked to increase likelihood of diabetes, poor cardiovascular health, increased stroke risk and more!

When we sit for long periods of time, our muscles in the front of the legs chronically shorten, and the muscles in the back of our legs weaken. This is more commonly known as Lower Crossed Syndrome.

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This causes all sorts of problems, such as:

  1. Low back pain
  2. Knee pain
  3. Sacrum and pelvis dysfunction
  4. Sacrum and pelvis subluxations
  5. Hip joint pain
  6. Piriformis Syndrome

So, how do you fix your low back pain?

  • Strengthen your core (plank exercise)
  • Stand 10 minutes for every hour you sit
    • We recommend setting a reminder in your phone!
  • Piriformis Stretch

Hopefully these tips and tricks help whether you work from home or start to migrate back to working in the office. OR whether you sit and binge watch your favorite show! (Did we mention we love the Turtle on The Masked Singer?)

See this awesome performance here: Kiss from a Rose

Live Long, (Sit Short), and Prosper,

The Nerd Chiropractor


Published by Dr. David, D.C.

Dr. David, DC, is a Nerd, a Chiropractor, a Father, and a Husband. He loves what he does and wants to share what he's learned in school over the past 8 years to empower all the other nerds, geeks, and gamers (and everyone in between) that not only is being health accessible, but it can be fun as well. Along the way he hopes to dispel rumors about Chiropractic, educate the public about nutrition, and make the readers their own Wellness Advocates.

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