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Hi There!

If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of questions about health. For instance, what can we do during this trying time with the COVID-19 pandemic? Why does my back hurt more now than it did before? Frequent headaches? Trouble sleeping?

One thing I’ve learned as a Chiropractor is that so many conditions we deal with are preventable, and all it takes is about 5 minutes of your time and a willingness to learn. My job here at the Nerd Chiropractic is to take two things I love (fandoms and Chiropractic) and create a unique way to help you feel empowered about your health.

Along the way we will fight Sith Lords, take on the Borg, and face Death Eaters (all trademarked and completely fictional). But, I hope while we do that you create new, fun, and exciting ways to be an advocate for your own health, and maybe dispel some long over-due myths about Chiropractors.

In conjunction with this blog, there are links at the top of the page to Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. All different ways to help you Access your Wellness.

  • Each week we will present different information in a variety of ways, the general theme will run as such:
    • Motivational Mondays: Why not start our week off with a quote? Something inspiring? Something nerdy? How about something a little in between?
    • “Talk the Tic” Tuesdays: Tuesdays will be all about answering questions like “What is Chiropractic?” “Is Chiropractic for me?” and so much more!
    • Wellness Wednesdays: Each Wednesday we will dive into wellness topics ranging from nutrition to ergonomic support to understanding different modern diets.
    • “Tip of the Week” Thursdays: Looking for a way to improve your posture? Looking to learn how to lift a box so you don’t hurt your back? Learn all this and more every Thursday!
    • Feature Friday: Just for fun, every Friday we will post a video on YouTube! I’ve never done videos so this will be a first time adventure for me. Hopefully we all learn a lot as we go through this new experience. Fridays we will either review some of the material presented during the week or have exciting interviews! Who knows, you may learn about some really cool doctors that are in your neighborhood ready to help you heal and be well?

In the mean time, enjoy what you find here, subscribe below to receive updates on when we post new material, and feel free to reach out to the Nerd Chiropractor if you have any topics you would like to see covered here.

Live Long and Prosper,

The Nerd Chiropractor

Published by Dr. David, D.C.

Dr. David, DC, is a Nerd, a Chiropractor, a Father, and a Husband. He loves what he does and wants to share what he's learned in school over the past 8 years to empower all the other nerds, geeks, and gamers (and everyone in between) that not only is being health accessible, but it can be fun as well. Along the way he hopes to dispel rumors about Chiropractic, educate the public about nutrition, and make the readers their own Wellness Advocates.

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